Official MtG Treachery Rules 

"Promises, lies and betrayals
in the fantasy world of Magic: The Gathering"

Experience multiplayer Magic as never before! Play with an entirely new card type, identities, as you watch your twisting and political games unfold. Can you outdo your opponents in achieving your secret goals?

Quick Rules

Before the game begins, each player is randomly, and secretly, dealt an Identity card from a predetermined selection. This selection can be customized, but there should be exactly one Leader, and at least one of each other. This is a typical five-players game. Victory is determined by your role.

  • The Leader and the Guardians win if they are the last players standing.
  • The Assassins win if the Leader is eliminated.
  • The Traitor win if he or she is the last player standing.

In addition, identities are granted with a powerful, 1-use, unveil ability that can change the course of the game. Will you take the opportunity at the cost of undercovering your role?

To start a game of Treachery, prepare a deck of identity cards based on the number of players, as follows:

    3 pl.: Special
    3-players Variant
    Shuffle one Guardian, one Assassin, and one Traitor together. Give one of them randomly to each player. The goal of each player is determined by his role:
    • the Guardian must eliminate the Assassin;
    • the Assassin must eliminate the Traitor;
    • the Traitor must eliminate the Guardian.
    The game plays as usual, with the first player being chosen randomly. You win as soon as you reach your goal if you cause your target to lose the game. (For example, as the Guardian you must personally eliminate the Assassin).
    If the other player dealt the final blow, then the goal for both survivors is to be the last man standing. (For example, if the Traitor eliminated the Assassin, then the Guardian did not win; he must now eliminate the Traitor, who must in turn eliminate the Guardian in order to win.)
    4 pl.: 1 Leader, 1 Traitor, 2 Assassins
    5 pl.: 1 Leader, 1 Traitor, 2 Assassins, 1 Guardian
    6 pl.: 1 Leader, 1 Traitor, 3 Assassins, 1 Guardian
    7 pl.: 1 Leader, 1 Traitor, 3 Assassins, 2 Guardians
    8 pl.: 1 Leader, 2 Traitors, 3 Assassins, 2 Guardians

Shuffle the selected identity cards together and deal one, face down, to each player. All players then look secretly at their identity card. The Leader reveals himself and turns his card face up. All other players keep their role secret. That starts the game!

Game Materials

Reach the resources page to download our custom identities and the comprehensive rules:

If you only wish to play a simple game of Treachery, instead you may use basic lands as role cards. Show Plains = Leader, Island = Guardian, Mountain = Assassin, and Swamp = Traitor.

Banned Cards List

Treachery is meant to be played with another multiplayer game variant.
Therefore, Treachery follows the banned/restricted cards list from the format used.

Treachery is best played with the Commander/EDH format: see for more informations.

Last updated May 8th, 2017
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